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There is a chance that around 30 million Britishers have to deal with everyday activities that occur at home using a walker or wheelchair.

Office Space

As an owner or manager, You are worried about whether or not your office design reflects the company’s values.

Open Space Plan

If you’ve got your own space for your office first thing you must do is arrange it. Apart from furniture and other decors which will be incorporated into the office space.


Plan your space

Great architecture always starts with people. It’s something that’s guided us for more than 50 years, based on our ethos of ‘Xcure Projects’ to shape a better world through buildings, places and spaces for people to experience and enjoy every day. 

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Nicole Gray

I am an architect based near Norfolk County concentrating on residential design.

I am a sole practitioner, so I am responsible for a project from its beginning through the completion of construction myself. While most of my work is in United Kingdom, I’m happy to travel far afield as well.

I design buildings that fulfill their owners’ goals and dreams, are appropriate to their settings, and are sensitive to the realities of the construction process.

PHD Architect


Plan your space

Space planning is an exact technique – no detail is left to chance. For both existing and new companies, finding the perfect workplace and taking the right choices regarding the location of furniture is, at the very least an issue. Why?


Staff members need to be classified according to department and desks are equipped with the correct equipment and furniture of the appropriate size.


– Air conditioners and heat pumps should be installed in a way to maintain the temperature in a controlled manner.
– The hidden cost that comes along co-ordinating employees who are not supervised in large offices.
– Without expert examination, these costs could be difficult to determine.