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About This Project

The cost of a home designer as well as the architect’s command has proven to be quite different. Architectural students complete at least four years in college and receive an education and learn specifics of architect house design and also the design of architecture for almost everything else, ranging from tiny homes to huge high-rise structures. Architects are licensed to approve various aspects of the building that are not utilized for individual houses. Due to these two factors, architects are charged very high charges to design an architectural plan in addition to plans for the construction of homes. The majority of architect’s charges vary from 7% up to 15 percent (sometimes higher) for their services in a housing development. The majority of homeowners’ costs for this same service range between 3% and 8 percent. This huge variation in rates, paired with the undisputed reality that they all have the same or the same amount of experience in residential design is the main reason why most would choose a house designer over an architect to design their home design.

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