Less is more

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About This Project

“Less is more.” Mies Van der Rohe was quoted as saying that and illustrated what he was saying with amazing architectural marvels such as The Seagram Building in New York City.

In the phrase “less is more” he meant to avoid excessive ornamentation. He believed in a solid minimalist design that had no ornamental encumbrances that detract from the structural simplicity. The guiding principle of his work was a restriction, the kind of restraint essential for success in all arts, not just the art of designing gardens.

While it is admirable as an idea, restraint is not always simple to implement in real life. It is essential, to begin with, an excellent structure, and then build on only those elements that are necessary to define its boundaries.

In the end, you should be wary of adding decorative elements because you like these. The cute little frou-frous don’t enhance the main theme just to degrade the garden’s authenticity.

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